Chainsaw 13-3


Reg: 341854003

Pedigree: Chainsaw x Ramblin Man (High Profiles Littermate)

Stress Status: Negative

Semen Price: $125

Boar Report

13-3 is the Duroc boar I’ve been trying to build the last 3 years. He is a phenotypic gem of moderate length and uniform thickness, genuine and correct width from the ground up, stoutness of feature, structural correctness, balance and great feet and legs. He comes from a deep litter that contained one of the top replacement gilts I’ve ever raised and my favorite Duroc barrow I’ve ever produced that was Reserve Champion at Fort Worth in 2013. 13-3 is the result of a mating of half sib’s that share the same dam. She happens to be the best Duroc I’ve ever raised and has been very profilic. This boar is a generator.

Breeding Tip